Contemporary Living Room by Eduard Caliman Depicting a Luxurious Lifestyle

A Luxury Lifestyle is something I guess we all aspire to. A designer called Eduard Caliman based in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, is making a name for himself as the man to go to get your living room souped-up to a level of luxurious. A bit of a bio first:
Eduard Caliman describes himself as a 3D visualizer and interior design enthusiast. Throughout his professional career he has worked at visualization studios in Italy and the United Kingdom where he has had the chance to offer his support and skills to complete many visualisations covering the field of yachts, residential interiors, industrial design and product design. He uses 3D computer generated imagery to produce (ai???visualiseai???) his blueprint for an interior design and then develops the process by modelling bespoke furniture and decorative elements for his interior scenes. His design for interiors is not restricted to shapes and space management, but includes materials and surface textures, and environmental lighting.
One of his more recent and much lauded projects has been an intriguing living room project. The luxurious interior was envisioned as having an open layout, with a plus-sized sofa located in the middle, which acted as a visual and physical divider between the lounge area and the dining area. Large crystal chandeliers seem added spice to the room, bringing a touch of regal or royal elegance. Add to this an eclectic mix of other furniture and hey presto, a living room with a unique and luxurious character.
Eduard used elements that belong to the Visionnaire Ipe Cavalli brand collection such as a feathery mirror (Bird) and a console (Gretel) while the large sofa was designed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia. The lamps and the ceiling lights came from Giovanni Sforza Home luxury Collection and were carefully chosen to further depict a more bright and luxurious lifestyle.
Where did he get these ideas from? Eduard said that he had been a long-time admirer of the Minotti style and he spent a lot of time ai???in aweai??? just browsing their website. He said that his admiration for the exquisite visuals that Minotti has produced inspired him to recreate his living room design with space that maintained and emphasized the Minotti look and feel.
The over-sized sofa mentioned above is a Hamilton sofa and he modelled it into his living room visualisation using 3DS Max and Marvelous Designer. Marvelous Designer is a computer programme that is mainly used in creating fashion industry designs, but Eduard used if for designing cushions for his living room project. 3DS MaxAi?? 3D modelling software is a sophisticated set of programmes that provide a comprehensive modelling, animation, simulation, and rendering solution for games, film, and motion graphics artists. However its tools can also be used for interior design.
One of Eduardai??i??s passions is using the colours of black and gold to create a sumptuous luxury that reeks of royalty and a lifestyle of opulence. He says that in recent times he has been obsessed with the idea of a classic space where the more predominant tonalities are mainly composed of black and golden details. Perhaps his next client could be members of the Royal family wishing to redecorate one of their stately homes? They could do a lot worse than contact Eduard!